Real Estate

As a natural duo, together with a private golf course there is always a real estate project allowing to offer the necessary level of service, to provide accommodation able to satisfy both tourist and the residential customers and, last but not least, to create the right economic conditions that enable an entrepreneur to embark in this venture. The proposal of the company Le Domaine des Trèfles places the property on the Southern part of the playing field, over an area of ​​75,000 square meters with an index of construction of 0.25 m2/m2, of which 0.05 for a destination other than residential. The project includes the construction of a hotel, restaurant, bar, small spa, gym, sporting goods store, a store promoting and selling locally produced wine (in order to give greater emphasis to the combination of golf and vineyards and to boost sales for local producers) and of course the club house with offices for the staff.

The residential properties will be built with highly energy-efficient biological material and will offer to its tenants a relaxing experience enhancing the quiet and peacefulness of the area. For this purpose, the construction of a wide elevated area is currently being planned in order to allow transit and parking of vehicles in the basement, therefore making transfers around the resort possible only by foot, bicycle or the electric cars of the golf course (on the car-path). This solution would improve the view over the golf course of some of the units and would protect from the wind most of the buildings, improving the quality of life inside the resort thanks to the absence of cars and the presence of a central common area including, among other services, a heated pool.

The appearance, features and sizes of the apartments will vary in order to meet the needs of both tourists and residents and will have a great focus on the care of the outdoor areas and gardens.